Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Review + Other Uses 

Every beauty blogger I know has been using this for months already.  I thought it was just a hype at first but watching James Welsh YouTube video to convince me to grab my own tub.


This is the recommended list of usage.

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I will tell which ones are effective.

  1. Moisturizer.

There are days that moisturizer creams can be too heavy for my liking. So instead I use this gel on the moisturizer part of my skincare routine. Not only it feels cool, it gets absorbed easily as well.

2. Base Makeup.

Not really. Yes it can pass as moisturizer before makeup but I don’t like mixing this on bb cream or foundations because it can alter the finish and consistency of your makeup. So hold on to this option.

3. After Shave Cream.

I don’t shave my facial hair. I only have my brows done in waxing salon. But for my legs and armpits, I usually do my routine shaving or waxing just at home. You will notice some redness on your skin upon hair removal. This gel helps soothes the redness and also moisturizes the newly-shaved area which is so sensitive during this point.

4. Hair Styling.

I rather use the Nature Republic Soothing Gel Mist for this purpose because it’s so much easier to distribute the product all over your hair. It works like a dry shampoo. It eliminates excessive hair oil and makes it looking fresh.

5.  Eye Patch.

This is one of the most used method for this product. I usually soak cotton pads on this gel and put it in my puffy eyes for around 5-10 minutes. I do this in mornings when I feel like I need an extra bright eyes.

6. Nail Essence.

I’ve been using this every time I will change my polish. I don’t see immediate results but I believe this will avoid further damage and will keep my nails healthier.

7. Body Gel.

If it can be used for the face, there’s no reason that it can’t be used for the whole body. I grab this gel whenever I’m in the mood to smell like aloe vera. Not really using this everyday for my body but it’s nice to know that you have this option as well.

8. Relax Sunburns

I rarely get sunburns because I stay out of the sun as much as I could and I also use a pretty amount of SPF products everyday so I haven’t tried this. But good to know, right?

My thoughts?

The gel comes in a heavy 300ml tub. I put this in a refrigerator to maximize the cooling effect on my skin. The texture is obviously like a gel but melts like water on your skin. The scent is clean and fresh. No annoying feeling and it didn’t break me out.

Overall, I like this product because it has many uses. And is also very affordable. I also reviewed the Mist version. Watch out for my thoughts about another product from their Aloe line. Will be publishing it soon here!

Price: Php180, Althea Korea

I also reviewed Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist, click here.

What other uses of this gel that you can recommend to me? Just comment it down below!



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9 thoughts on “Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Review + Other Uses 

    1. Not as an everyday moisturizer for me, I only use this to freshen me up during hot/dry moments. It might not give the same results like the normal moisturizer because it’s like the diluted version lol


      1. Ohhh. I see. Would you recommend any affordable moisturizer suited for oily skin? I am recently using Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel and have used about 5 jars. Good so far. Wanna try others hehe.

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  1. Omg 😍 Aloe vera gel is my favorite 😊 And it really help my skin to be smooth 😊 Thankyou for sharing your thoughts po ☺
    Ig account: @mryalnxdr

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